Being a landlord means significant financial commitment, and as with any investment you’ll want to reduce your risk where you can. You’ve already made the important first step – choosing us to manage your property.

Why would a landlord need Rent & Legal Protection?

We take our job as your letting agent very seriously, so it is as important to us to make sure your property is properly looked after as it is for you. Because of this we partner with The Lettings Hub to screen potential tenants, and we’re confident doing this means we get good tenants for you from the outset.

However, anyone can have a change of circumstances and we’ve all heard about examples of redundancy, relationship breakdowns, ill health or bankruptcy, leaving tenants:

  • unable to pay the rent
  • unwilling to move out at the end of the tenancy
  • causing a delay in you regaining possession of your property

What does our Rent & Legal Protection include?

As a letting agent that cares, we offer our landlords the option of opting into our Rent and Legal Protection insurance policy, so you get all the benefits with none of the hassle. Should the worst then happen, you can leave everything up to us to deal with. Find out more in our Rent & Legal Protection Features leaflet.

This protection is available for the duration of the tenancy where we collect the rent or actively manage the tenancy.  You won’t have to deal with unreliable tenants, we will instruct specialist legal experts to work on your behalf, and you’ll also have the help and support of us as your letting agent.

In the event that we need to make a claim our policy will:

  • make rental payments until vacant possession of your property is obtained
  • pay the legal costs to regain possession of your property
  • cover any breach of tenancy (including anti-social behaviour)

Find out more… You’ll be glad you trusted us

To find out more, download our leaflet or get in touch with us to discuss our services with your local Henry Wiltshire office: