You might have heard of the term ‘property management company’ but were not sure what they do. Our property management team in Canary Wharf explain what it means and why they are crucial for any investors with property to let.

If you are an overseas investor, you will need a property management company for:

  • Dealing with all aspects relating to tenants
  • Managing repairs and maintenance of a property
  • Services from a lettings-only, to rent collection and full maintenance

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What is property management?

Property management is a service offered by a property management company where they can deal with all aspects relating to tenants and maintenance of a property on your behalf.

The service can range from a lettings-only, to rent collection and full maintenance of the property, and can be used by anyone who lets property from individual landlords to property investors.

What does a property management company do?

A property management company can provide a range of services depending on what you need.

Some of the services a property management company can offer include:

  • Market your property
  • Select suitable tenants
  • Handle all paperwork for the tenancy
  • Be the point of contact for tenants 24 x 7
  • Handle all tenant issues on your behalf
  • Collect the rent
  • Deal with all maintenance issues
  • Get the property ready for a change in tenancy

Some property management companies might provide limited services such as lettings-only while others will provide a fully managed service or whatever level you require in between.

For full apartment blocks or commercial buildings, a property management company will provide a full suite of commercial services looking after the site as a whole. They will provide services such as lease management, common areas maintenance, facilities management, liaise with owners, etc.

The service is usually bespoke to suit the type of property such as a single building or housing estate, ownership structure and operations at the site e.g. office or residential.

How do I find out more?

Here at Henry Wiltshire, our property management teams can advise you on what level of service might suit you best for your property.

So whether it’s one property, a number of investment properties, or a whole apartment block you need managed, call us today to see how our expertise and experience in property management can take care of your property.

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