Renting a home in Central London is a tricky business and it can be really hard to find something that adequately suits your needs. There are generally compromises to be made, and you need to decide just what you can compromise on. As with everything, there are changing trends in the letting market within London. So what do Canary Wharf letting agents say when asked which types of London homes are currently the most popular? Read on to find out.

Studio apartments
The cost of living in London just keeps rising, and many people are on a budget. For single people (and even couples that get on really well!) a studio apartment is the way forward. Because a studio apartment is relatively compact, you will need to be sure that you can handle living in the space available, but if you can then this will bring significant cost savings your way. Studio apartments are an ideal way to live in London, they also provide ideal investment purchases, and benefit from all that the city has to offer.

Room with a view
A view will always be a great selling point to any flat or house in Central London, and Canary Wharf letting agents report that a view is one of the most regularly requested features that they are asked for. Flats and apartments that are on a high level benefit from breath-taking views across the entire city, and this is a perfect way to enjoy your own space while living in a packed out city.

Access to communal gardens
Canary Wharf letting agents are also feeding back that if a property has access to communal gardens then this is a real pull to potential tenants. When you have access to a communal garden you can enjoy your green space while it also provides a great space for getting to know the other residents in your complex.

If you are looking for a rental property, then Canary Wharf letting agents Henry Wiltshire are the people to call. They offer an awe-inspiring choice of properties in and around Central London meaning you are sure to find what you are looking for with no compromise at all. Have a look through their website to view the latest properties on the market, and give them a call today with your individual requirements.

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