Tremendously Big Deals in Nine Elms – Can trade with the US underpin UK economic recovery?

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Brexit negotiations are ongoing and a meeting with the US President has since passed. What is happening to trade in our communities and can Trump give us the ‘tremendous deal’ he has hinted at? With the US Embassy now open for business in Nine Elms, the estate agents in our SW8 office there have taken an interest in the bigger picture.

Lets face it. We are entering new times on a global level. Our markets, property and otherwise have and will continue to change as a result. When we cannot solely rely on the EU or any deal that may or may not be done. It has been a comfort to look further afield for some reassurance. While Trump’s visit may not have cast any concrete plans, our relationship with the US has been a good one for many years.

Trade With US Continually Growing

From 1999 to 2001 imports and exports to the US were almost neck in neck. Since 2002 however, our exports have grown and climbed to great levels. Figures from the Office for National Statistics show that in 2016 we exported over £99 billion to the United States.  Similarly, we imported over £66 billion from them. This trade surplus is good news and has been consistently growing since 2002. It will be instrumental and vital to our countries growth after Brexit. We should and will continue to nurture our relationship with the US going forward.

New US Embassy brings over 1,000 employees to Nine Elms

Nine Elms welcomes the US embassy with open arms. This is a ‘bad deal’ gone good for the community.

The US Embassy may have been moved under a slight cloud from Grovesnor Square but it has settled in extremely well. When any business brings over 1,000 employees into an area it is bound to give it a lift. Opportunities for new eateries and goods and service providers, including the odd watering hole, are flourishing. Ambassador Johnson is quoted as saying; “I do believe there are opportunities because the area needs to provide more of these kind of things (services) so that it can compete with what our people enjoyed north of the river”.

Nine Elms is a Great Place to Live

We agree fully with Ambassador Johnson in that regard. Nine Elms has always had great amenities and services. But the opening of the embassy doors has definitely brought a new dimension to the area. It is now an exciting and thriving hub along with a great place to live.

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