Should I buy a home with large floor-to-ceiling glass? The pros & cons of full-length windows

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  • Large windows increase natural daylight for better well-being
  • Full length windows bring additional warmth for lower energy bills

After multiple lockdowns over the last year, we have come to appreciate just how important natural light is for our well-being.

While some purchasers have reservations about investing in a home with floor to ceiling glass, properties with larger windows are starting to become more popular with buyers in the London property market as the advantages that they bring have become more obvious.

From the clear positives of increased natural light and impressive views to the lesser recognised benefits of lower energy bills, floor to ceiling windows are starting to be a hot new trend among those who are keen to buy property in London apartments.

Why buy property with full-length windows?

After lockdown, we realise the importance of natural light on our well-being

What could be more spectacular than an uninterrupted view across the Thames? Our estate agents in Royal Docks have noted that potential buyers are often surprised by the beautiful panoramic views of the capital that they can enjoy from the popular developments which overlook the Thames Barrier.

Many people who are keen to buy property in Royal Docks are focusing solely on the interior features and the kind of facilities that they can expect to enjoy. However, as soon as they step into the room, they see an amazing view that would be theirs to enjoy every day, and the concierge services and residents gymnasiums can become less important in comparison.

What are the benefits of large windows or floor-to-ceiling glass?

There are many advantages of living in a home with large windows and lots of natural light. And the larger the window, the more light it allows in.

Aesthetics are one of the primary advantages of buying a property with large windows

  • Adding character and contemporary appeal to the room, floor to ceiling glass creates a sophisticated and spacious look that is ideal for entertaining company.
  • On a sunny day, the expanse of glass brings warmth and liveliness to the space, while in the evening, the unimpeded view of the starry sky will never fail to impress.
  • Enjoy stunning views of your surroundings.

Large windows can help to warm or cool a room, saving money and energy

  • Full-size south-facing windows will help to warm the property, helping to cut heating bills and lower the occupant’s carbon footprint.
  • On hot days, being able to open large windows allows fresh air to circulate freely and helps to slash the costs of cooling the apartment.

Natural light can brighten the living space and boost well-being

  • Even on a cloudy day, large windows allow in extra light. This extra brightness helps to boost well-being. With around 8% of adults in the UK suffering from seasonal affective disorder, this is no small benefit.
  • Natural light can help to brighten the space without electricity, helping to save on money and energy.

Floor-to-ceiling windows increase the feeling of spaciousness

  • Full-length windows can “bring the outside in” and make the space feel larger without the physical barrier of external walls.

Are there any disadvantages to having large windows?


While there are many benefits to investing in a property with full length windows in the London housing market, one of the points to bear in mind is that they will take extra effort to clean. Homeowners will either have to invest the time and effort themselves into keeping their glass spotless or will have to engage the services of a professional window cleaner to get the job done.

This can be less of a concern these days as there are many new innovative options for window cleaning on the market.

Privacy for ground-floor properties

For properties on the ground floor, there could also be privacy issues to consider, although for those on higher floors this would not be a concern.

This can easily be overcome by hanging curtains or blinds. There is a vast array of styles and types of window dressings to suit any taste. For those who prefer bare windows, privacy glass and even privacy window film can prevent people seeing in through the glass during the day, while you can still see out clearly.

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